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Crime coverage insurance by Jean Martin Insurance

   Crime Coverage Insurance


Every company, regardless of size, is a potential target for  crime.  Experts acknowledge that this is one of the fastest-growing, most prevalent problems facing business today. The changing economic environment, advancements in technology and international expansion make the threat of loss more ominous than ever before.


A comprehensive Crime Policy is an absolute necessity for business owners concerned with protecting their company's assets today and in the future. White collar criminals may not look dangerous, but they can cause financial havoc inside a company and destroy a business and its credibility. You can take preventative measures through the implementation of a comprehensive risk management program, which should also include a comprehensive Crime Policy.


The Crime Policy can provide coverage for the following:


  • Employee theft: Losses of money, securities and other property cause by theft or forgery by an employee.

  • Premises coverage: Losses sustained due to the destruction, disappearance or theft  of money and securities within or from the client's premises by third parties.

  • Transit coverage : Losses sustained due to the destruction, disappearance or abstraction of money and securities outside the client's premises by a third party, while being conveyed by the insured or any authorized person.

  • Depositors forgery coverage: Losses resulting from instruments which have been fraudulently drawn upon the company's accounts by a third party

  • Computer theft and funds transfer fraud coverage: Losses resulting from the intentional taking of money or securities through the use of a computer or fraudulent instructions to a financial institution to transfer, pay or deliver money or securities.

  • Investigation costs coverage: Reasonable expenses incurred in establishing the existence and amount of any direct loss in excess of the deductible.

What is Crime Insurance?


Crime Insurance protects organizations from loss of money, securities, or other property  resulting from crime. Common Crime insurance claims allege employee dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, safe burglary, computer fraud, wire transfer fraud, counterfeiting, and other criminal acts.


These schemes involve every possible angle, taking advantage of any potential weakness in your company’s financial controls. From fictitious employees, dummy accounts payable, non-existent suppliers to outright theft of money, securities and property. Fraud and embezzlement in the workplace is on the rise, occurring in even the best work environments.


This coverage may be purchased separately or added to your commercial package policy.

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