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General liability insurance by Jean Martin Insurance

   General Liability Insurance


At Jean Martin Insurance, we have insured many businesses over the years so we understand the sometimes subtle differences between one business and the next. Our objective is to fully understand your business so we can recommend the right amount of General Liability Insurance Coverage for your unique business situation.


What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance protects  your business from claims for bodily injury or property damage you are legally obligated to pay caused as a  result of your business operation or products.  In most cases in order to enter into any sort of business agreement with a Landlord, a Vendor, a Supplier, a Distributor, a Contractor, or a Partner, at minimum a General Liability Policy is required.


Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your business from personal injuries or property damage sustained by members of the public either on your property or away from your property as a result of  the operation of your business. This includes damages that arise from the ownership or maintenance or use  of the business premises. It also may include coverage for any damages resulting from products that are either manufactured, handled, distributed, or sold by your business. General Liability Coverage can even cover completed operations, such as a completed offsite project. There is much, much more to a General Liability Insurance Policy, and the best way to understand how it will protect your business is to call or email us so we maydiscuss your unique situation.

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